VISCAYA CANNON, located on the northwest quadrant of PUBLIC SQUARE is a 14 cm. rifled piece which was part of the armament on the Spanish Cruiser Viscaya. The Viscaya was engaged, along with other ships of the Spanish Fleet commanded by Admiral Pasqual Cevera, with the American Fleet commanded by Rear Admiral W. S. Schley at Santiago, Cuba, 4 July 1898, during the SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR. The Viscaya made a successful run out of Santiago Bay but was chased down by the U.S.S. Brooklyn, Oregon, and Texas. The U.S. ships pounded the Viscaya mercilessly until it was forced to run ashore at Aserraderos. Wounded Spanish sailors were rescued by the U.S.S. Iowa and torpedo-boat Ericsson. Fires reached the forward magazine of the Viscaya, causing an explosion and fire reportedly seen 15 miles away. The cannon is clearly marked "Viscaya" on top of the breech. On the top of the breech rim is marked "14 CMER," and beneath: "ASTILLEROS DEL NERVION-BILBAO-1894." On the left trunnion, "4262" and the letters "KG" or "KC" can be discerned.

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