WEMBRIDGE, ELEANOR HARRIS ROWLAND (1882-19 Feb. 1944), psychologist and nationally known author on juvenile delinquency, served as girls' referee for the CUYAHOGA COUNTY JUVENILE COURT (1926-35). Wembridge (half-sister of AMY ROWLAND) was born in Lee, MA, to Rev. Lyman Sibley and Elizabeth McClellan Gould Rowland. She attended Oberlin College and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Radcliffe College (A.B., 1903; A.M. 1904; and Ph.D., 1905). Wembridge taught psychology at Mt. Holyoke (1910) and Reed (1915) colleges and, during WORLD WAR I, served with the American Red Cross in New York City. She worked as head aide at the Walter Reed Hospital (1918) and supervised military aides in the U.S. Surgeon General's office in Washington, DC, before coming to Cleveland in 1922 as a clinical psychologist. Before Judge HARRY LLOYD EASTMAN appointed her to the Juvenile Court, Wembridge served as psychologist for the Women's Protective Association. She promoted better health and dental care, more recreational facilities, and advocated the improvement of institutions such as BLOSSOM HILL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS (see CHILD CARE).

Wembridge was a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. In addition to books and prize-winning plays, she published numerous articles in popular magazines such as American Mercury and McCall's, and in scientific journals. On 1 June 1917, Wembridge married Harry A. Wembridge, later president of Cleveland's Independent Neon Sign Co. They had a daughter, Mary Althea. The Wembridges moved to California in 1935. Wembridge died in Santa Monica, CA, and is buried in Lee, MA.

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