WEYGANDT, CARL (14 June 1888-4 Sept. 1964), lawyer and chief justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio 30 years, was born near Wooster, Ohio to Cora (Mock) and Common Pleas Judge Wm. E. Weygandt. He graduated from Wooster College in 1912. After teaching 3 years he entered Western Reserve University Law School, graduated and was admitted to the bar in 1918. Weygandt practiced with THOMPSON, HINE, & FLORY in Cleveland. In 1920 he was elected to the Ohio general assembly, introducing bills to reform the state judiciary and fighting for a minimum wage for women. He returned to practice in 1923 as counsel for the Cleveland Automobile Club. An outstanding college athlete, Weygandt officiated as a football referee until 1932 in games from Massachusetts to Nebraska.

In 1924 Weygandt was appointed to the common pleas court bench to replace a retiring judge. In 1930 he was elected judge of the Court of Appeals of Ohio, and in 1933 was elected chief justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio. During his first term, Weygandt quelled personal feuds within the Ohio Supreme Court and improved its efficiency. He was reelected to 5 more terms. Weygandt often advocated higher salaries and a better retirement plan for judges in order to keep competent men on the bench. During his 30 years as chief justice, Weygandt heard over 20,000 cases and swore in more Ohio governors than any of his predecessors. He was defeated for reelection by Kingsley A. Taft in 1962.

Weygandt married Jessie M. Silver on 14 June 1915. They lived in LAKEWOOD with children Richard S., Clark W. and Mary C. Weygandt died in Lakewood and was buried in Wooster.

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