WHAT SHE WANTS, "Cleveland's Monthly Feminist and Lesbian Newspaper," published its first issue in May 1973. It began as an effort by a group of WOMEN to provide a voice for the woman's movement in Cleveland. The paper was at first distributed on a small scale, in places like Coventry Books in CLEVELAND HTS. and the FOOD CO-OP in UNIV. CIRCLE. Throughout its history, What She Wants has published columns and advertisements by and about such local groups as the CLEVELAND RAPE CRISIS CENTER, OVEN PRODUCTIONS, Women Together (see CENTER FOR THE PREVENTION OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE), the Women's Alliance of CLEVELAND STATE UNIV., and INTL. WOMEN'S YEAR, GREATER CLEVELAND CONGRESS. In addition to covering issues and events of interest to women, it has provided an avenue for feminist and/or lesbian photographers, artists, and writers of poetry, prose, book reviews, or opinion pieces. According to readers' statements in its 20th anniversary issue, What She Wants has successfully served as a networking tool and uniting force for Cleveland feminists and lesbians. The What She Wants collective has also supported and subsidized a lending library, located at the Civic on Mayfield Rd. in Cleveland Hts. in 1994. Many local bookstores, coffee shops, and other establishments distributed free copies of What She Wants, also available by subscription. Self-sustaining, the publication has relied on this income, plus advertisements and donations, with occasional grants from FOUNDATIONS such as the WOMEN'S COMMUNITY FOUNDATION for special projects. In 1995 its offices, staffed by volunteers, were located at 4228 Lorain Avenue.

What She Wants Records, WRHS.


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