WHITE, ROLLIN CHARLES (3 June 1837-5 July 1920) was a businessman with connections in several leading local industries. The son of Hiram and Abagail Harris White, he was born in Putney, Vt. In 1865 he married Lizzie T. Warren of Hubbardston, Mass., and moved to Cleveland. When the family sewing machine business (see WHITE CONSOLIDATED INDUSTRIES) was relocated the following year from Massachusetts to Cleveland, Rollin C. White became its vice-president. He was later admitted to partnership. In 1895, White joined his son-in-law, WALTER C. BAKER, in organizing the American Ball Bearing Co. He was also a founder of the Baker Motor Vehicle Co. 3 years later, disposing of his interest in the White concerns about the same time. He also served as president of the Cleveland Machine Screw Co., another Baker venture, and as officer or director of several banks. A resident of EUCLID AVENUE, he was a real estate broker at the time of his death. Buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY, he was survived by his daughter, Frances "Fannie" Baker, and a son, Fred R.

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