The WOMEN'S MEDICAL SOCIETY OF CLEVELAND was founded in 1929 to further the local advancement of WOMEN in MEDICINE. Nineteen women attended the first meeting at the WOMEN'S CITY CLUB. Membership, initially limited to women physicians living or practicing in Cleveland, was broadened in 1931 to northern Ohio. SARAH MARCUS, a prominent Cleveland doctor, was a founding member. The monthly dinner meetings included talks related to medical problems affecting women or professional issues, especially concerning women doctors. The number of members remained relatively constant, averaging 20-30. In the late 1950s, women interns and medical students were invited to meetings. In the 1970s and 1980s, the society increased its sponsorship of special programs and events, including a symposium on women and exercise in 1980. The society has for many years been affiliated with the Cleveland ACADEMY OF MEDICINE.

See also MEDICINE.

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