two-phase flow and thermal management lab case western reserve university

Welcome to the Two-Phase Flow and Thermal Management Lab at Case Western Reserve University. We specialize in fundamental investigation of energy efficient technologies as applicable to thermal management systems.

Developments in many modern applications are encountering rapid escalation in heat dissipation, coupled with a need to decrease the size of thermal management hardware. These developments have spurred unprecedented interest in replacing single-phase hardware with other more efficient systems including boiling and condensation counterparts. In our laboratory, we are working on a range of fundamental questions relating to two-phase flows and their applications to thermal management systems. Our research efforts include a combination of experimental, numerical and theoretical analysis to develop a better understanding of the two-phase phenomena that is applicable to a variety of industries, including aerospace, defense, automotive, and nuclear.

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Featured Publications

KL Lee, C Tarau, A Lutz, WG Anderson, CN Huang, C Kharangate, Y Kamotani, Advanced Hot Reservoir Variable Conductance Heat Pipes for Planetary Landers. https://ttu-ir.tdl.org/bitstream/handle/2346/86409/ICES-2020-579.pdf?sequence=3

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