Brittain Elswick

Program Manager
CWRU LaunchNet

Brittain Elswick serves as the Program Manager for CWRU LaunchNET, helping to foster entrepreneurship at Case Western Reserve University through student support and programming. Operating the Student Entrepreneurship Fund, Brittain provides essential financial support for student ventures. Additionally, she manages the programming and scheduling of the CWRU Entrepreneurship Speaker Series and Skills Labs, empowering students with practical skills and networking opportunities.

Brittain's hands-on approach extends to one-on-one coaching interactions with students, guiding them to explore their business ideas and connecting them with relevant resources and mentors. She identifies opportunities for students to engage with entrepreneurship on campus by collaborating with student clubs and organizations. In her role, Brittain plays a key part in creating an environment where student innovation can flourish.

Brittain holds a B.A. in Anthropology from the Ohio State University, is an active climber, has hiked 30 miles of the Appalachian Trail and learned sustainable farming practices in Costa Rica.

To set up an appointment with Brittain, fill out the LaunchNET interest form.