CWRU Entrepreneurs

CWRU Entrepreneurs are making national waves in entrepreneurship.

From CES Las Vegas to IFA Berlin, our founders are building, making, innovating and providing solutions to a number of problems and issues across the globe.

Take a look at our profiles of a few CWRU Entrepreneurs to learn more about how the CWRU community is making a difference and thinking outside of the box.

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CWRU Entrepreneurs

Charu Ramanathan headshot

Charu Ramanathan

Charu Ramanathan, PhD (GRS ‘04, biomedical engineering) and Ketal Patel (GRS ‘97, biomedical engineering) co-founded Vitalxchange, an app created to support parents of children from birth to age five.

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Artur Grabowski headshot

Artur Grabowski

Extendify, co-founded by Artur Grabowski (CWR ‘07), makes it easier for small and medium businesses or hosting companies to successfully build digital experiences with WordPress.

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Shardule Shah headshot

Shardule Shah

Shardule Shah (CWR '07) founded Lime Therapeutics, a biotech startup with a novel method of action for accelerating development of aging-related diseases such as cancer.

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Robin Mansukhani headshot

Robin Mansukhani

Robin Mansukhani (CWR ’05) is the CEO and co-founder of Deciduous Therapeutics, a startup developing novel immunotherapies to treat age-related diseases. 

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