Veale Fellows

Meet our 2022 Veale Fellows. This program supports faculty, staff or teams to create new initiatives, including specific types of engagement efforts, research proposals and formal or informal educational activities that advance the Veale Institute’s mission. Learn more about their projects.

Man in suit
Alex Balogh

Running-Backs Coach, Athletics Department    

Sports Entrepreneurship Conference

Michael Folise

Adjunct Faculty/Distinguished Practitioner in Residence, School of Law   

IPVC Open Office Hours at think[box]

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Dan Pendergast

Senior Director of Operations, Technology Transfer Office

Technical Marketing Fellows for Technology Transfer Office

Mindy Baierl

Senior Director, Corporate Relations & Strategic Projects

Prospecting Corporate Venture Capital for Investments at CWRU

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Cheryl Thompson

Associate Professor, Department of Nutrition, School of Medicine

CWRU Translational Fellows Program

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Katherine Gullett

Executive Director, Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics (CCIPD), School of Engineering   

Managing the Technology Portfolio of a Growing Center:  A Review of Our Patents and the Creation of Technology Summaries

Karen Oye

Librarian, Research Services, Kelvin Smith Library

Advancing Entrepreneurship Literacy–KSL Research Tools, Technologies & Techniques

Erika Howard

Women in STEM Program Manager, Flora Stone Mather Center for Women

Start-Up Weekend for Women Entrepreneurs    

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Tiffany McNamara

Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, Sears think[box]

Design Services for Entrepreneurship and Commercialization