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At Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship, we accelerate, build and scale the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Case Western Reserve University and beyond through our programs, education and resources.

Our Story

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With a tagline like “think beyond the possible,” it’s hard to deny the entrepreneurial spirit that exists within Case Western Reserve University. That spirit took center stage in 2015, when CWRU expanded Sears think[box], its world-class makerspace, creating a state-of-the-art, open-access facility larger than that at any other university in the nation. 

But there was one major problem. Although the space provided virtually anything its users may have needed to develop an idea into a product, it was lacking in the business and interpersonal resources that one needs to become a thriving venture.

In 2019, Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship was born out of the idea that with a space like the think[box], we could—and should—support future entrepreneurs, working together and across disciplines.

Funded initially by a $20 million endowment from our key stakeholder, the Veale Foundation, and named to honor Tinkham Veale II, a Case Institute of Technology graduate, successful businessman and a model for entrepreneurs, the Veale Institute reports into the CWRU Provost’s Office and works with all of the schools and centers across campus. In addition to the initial support from the Veale Foundation, we have raised supplementary funding from an array of CWRU alumni.

In July 2023, Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship and CWRU LaunchNET joined forces to build a stronger entrepreneurial presence at CWRU. We regularly collaborate with senior staff of the think[box] and work with several contractors and a part-time administrative assistant to help keep the organization running smoothly.

Supporting Alumni Ventures

In 2022, we launched our CWRU Alumni Venture Fund with a unique format that employs student fellows who lead due diligence on alumni startups with the help of strategic advisors. 

Learn about the CWRU Alumni Venture Fund.