What's next for student founded startup, Redheart? Hear from co-founders Danny and Michael

Danny Lee and Michael Zhou

Danny Lee and Michael Zhou, co-founders of Redheart, are dedicated to fighting the standard American diet, and when they graduate this week they’ll be doing it full time. 

This semester they took a large business step: selling Redheart Bowls locally at the Jolly Scholar, helping them reach the Case Western Reserve University community and gain a lot of valuable feedback. 

“Our schedule was school, Redheart, workout, sleep,” Zhou, co-founder and COO, said. “But we really enjoyed every moment.” 

Originally planning to create brick-and-mortar stores, the health foods company is pivoting, recently launching their line of consumer goods. 

“Brick and mortar has a lot of barriers,” Lee, co-founder and CEO said. “If we want to impact as many people as we can, how do we do that with one brick-and-mortar location?”

They said storefronts are not out of the question, but just re-prioritized so that they can focus on their bigger mission of improving the standard American diet at a larger scale.

chocolate protein cookie

In April, they launched their first product—the Redheart Protein Cookie—in four flavors, bananas & cream, chocolate peanut butter, cinnamon roll and strawberry peanut butter, which can be purchased on their website (https://redheartfoods.com/).