Coaching and Customer Discovery

Coaching and customer discovery are key steps in the journey to launch a business. Having experienced people in your corner helping you through the challenges of launching can make all the difference.


LaunchNet is an important resource for aspiring student entrepreneurs and promotes the entrepreneurial mindset as an important problem-solving skill for lifelong application and also advises students who are taking on an entrepreneurial pursuit.

LaunchNet is for you if you are an aspiring student or alum entrepreneur looking for advice. 

Innovation Corps

I-Corps Akron

University of Akron's I-Corps Site program is all about customer discovery! It supports teams through an intensive 7-meeting critical evaluation. Their goal is to help faculty, students and the community answer important questions about their business, product or technology idea through coaching and direct customer interactions. 

I-Corps Akron is for you if you need a program to help you find your customer and build a business model. You will be guided through coaching and direct customer interactions.  


I-Corps@Ohio is a statewide program developed to assist faculty, staff and students from Ohio universities, colleges and community colleges in validating the market potential of technologies and launching startup companies.

I-Corps@Ohio is modeled after the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) successful I-Corps (Innovation Corps) program, which has been proven to increase innovation, entrepreneurship, and industry collaboration. The I-Corps@Ohio program incorporates lean launch, customer discovery and business model innovation methodologies to assess technologies, enhance the business acumen of research faculty and students and expand their entrepreneurial network relationships.

I-Corps@Ohio is for you if you are looking to validate the market potential of technologies and launch startup companies.


MAGNET is a non-profit that provides hands-on support and brings education and business together to help owners, executives, managers, and operators. Headquartered in Cleveland and the Northeast Ohio partner of the Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership, MAGNET is committed to helping manufacturers accelerate business growth. 

MAGNET is for you if you have a physical product and are looking to accelerate your business growth.