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Innovation is part of the discussion in classrooms throughout the Case Western Reserve University campus. 

Undergraduates, graduate students and learners from around the world hoping to gain insights from a MOOC are all part of entrepreneurial education at Case Western Reserve University.

Academic programs in entrepreneurship
Our schools and college have programs targeted specifically toward innovators and entrepreneurs.
Weatherhead School of Management

Looking for entrepreneurship opportunities at our management school? Here, you'll find:

Master of Engineering and Management Degree

A collaboration between the Case School of Engineering and Weatherhead School of Management offers a one-year, 14-course program for a Master of Engineering and Management that gives students significant interaction with industry partners.

Learn more about the MEM program.

Innovation Fellows

A paid, semester-long program for Cleveland Institute of Art students and undergraduates at Case Western Reserve challenges participants to work collaboratively through a complete product development cycle.

Find out more about Innovation Fellows.

Master of Patent Practice at the School of Law

Designed to prepare students to be patent agents, this program is one of only a few in the United States and is an alternative to the three-year juris doctor degree. Because students who sit for the patent bar exam must have a degree in engineering, computer science or a physical or biological degree, this program is geared toward innovators who want to help others.

See the program and application details.

STEP (Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship Program)

STEP offers a true blend of disciplines in a one-year Master of Science program. The entrepreneurial biotechnology, physics entrepreneurship and chemistry entrepreneurship options in STEP include courses on finance, intellectual property commercialization and technology innovation.

Get STEP program details.

Spangenberg Center for Law, Technology, and the Arts

The School of Law offers one of the top intellectual property law programs in the United States. The IP Venture Clinic, which gives students (under faculty supervision) experience helping startup companies, is one of the many unique opportunities provided in the center. 

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What our students think

“Ambition and drive alone are insufficient to propel students toward entrepreneurial success. The unassailable truth is that the realization of such ambition is arduous. Success is most readily born from a community resolved to educate, nurture and promote innovative thinking. My team and I are both lucky and grateful that CWRU provides such an environment.” 

Alexander J. Lonsberry, PhD Candidate, Mechanical Engineering - Biologically Inspired Robotics Laboratory

“I have found an incredibly supportive and connected community at CWRU. Given my interest in entrepreneurship, I was eager to explore the ecosystem and better understand what drives success throughout the region. Through my contacts and conversations at CWRU, I have been connected to inspiring individuals, innovative ideas, and great thinking throughout Cleveland.”

Mary Beth Marks (WSOM '19)