Record application numbers for the Morgenthaler-Pavey Startup Competition

Morgenthaler-Pavey Graphic featuring information listed in this article

Last Sunday, applications closed for our signature startup competition, and we received nearly double the amount of interested applicants as last year. With the addition of our Research Track and Social Impact Track, along with our recurring Venture and Idea Tracks, we've reached more CWRU students and alumni than ever before.

The applications were split almost exactly evenly between the four tracks, and we are thrilled to have dedicated professionals in a variety of industries review each and every application.

With a culture of CWRU startups in spaces like social impact (Aether), research commercialization (Folio PhotonicsPictureHealth), and venture (KiwiCoScoutRFP), we are seeing growing interest in entrepreneurship across campus and in the CWRU alumni family. We look forward to seeing where each of our applicants go with their ideas!

Stay tuned to our social media and look out for a special email bulletin on Friday this week to hear who is making it to the next round.

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