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145.8 million dollars for scholarships and fellowships Since 2007 we have: nearly tripled undergraduate applications, gained more than 65 points on our average SAT, and become almost twice as hard to get into.

Yet, too many outstanding admitted students choose another university. And too often, the cause is cost.

We are among the nation’s best universities. But unlike the majority of those institutions, we cannot yet meet 100% of student financial need. Expense should not keep a qualified student from learning at Case Western Reserve. And with your help, we will make sure it doesn’t.

Graph showing first year applicants go from 7,297 in 2007 to 21,740 in 2014

Increasing opportunities through financial support does more than give an outstanding student the chance of a lifetime. It also represents an investment in our future.

While enrolled, these outstanding young people help enhance everyone’s academic experience. Plus, their credentials and achievements increase the university’s stature.

And then there’s what our graduates accomplish after Commencement:

  • half of the 16 Nobel Laureates associated with the university are alumni;
  • other graduates founded companies that later became household names; and
  • one developed Gmail, the system now used by more than 500 million people worldwide.

Support for financial assistance benefits students, the university and, ultimately, society at large. Be part of that success.

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