Archna Goel Calfee (CWR ’97) and Anjali Goel Patel (CWR ’99)
With three children less than six years apart, it was no easy task for our parents to support our higher education studies, nor did they want us to be saddled with crippling debt at such young ages. One of the best pieces of advice they ever gave us was to choose the best undergraduate school that offered the most scholarship support.

Due to generous scholarships from CWRU, we both had the opportunity to pursue amazing undergraduate educations at a top university. Being debt-free in undergraduate school meant that we could focus on our studies and still have time to give back to our communities, which included volunteering at Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital (Archna) and serving in AmeriCorps (Anjali).

Case Western Reserve provided us a solid foundation to later pursue graduate studies at top-tier institutions in medicine and law, and the university’s scholarships eased the burden of taking on the costs of more schooling. For all that CWRU gave us, we are proud to contribute toward the opportunities of future CWRU students.