Chris Johnson (CWR ’97) and Kristen (Adamowicz) Johnson (NUR ’97)
We give to CWRU because its vision and history of imagining and influencing the future is something we value very deeply and have benefited from. The university’s academic rigor and extracurricular programs benefited both of us, as we’ve both had successful careers and developed relationships with other students who, to this day, are some of our closest friends.

We also believe that CWRU graduates—many of whom become engineers, doctors, nurses, professors, scientists, etc.—impact not only their communities, but also the world, in positive ways. As a result, we view donations to CWRU as an investment in improving and progressing the world around us.

Finally, we met, started dating, and fell in love at CWRU. We’ve been married for over 15 years and have three children, which would not have happened but for CWRU!