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There's a future with your name on it.


Connecting alumni to students like never before.

Fund Forward is a campaign for undergraduate scholarship that goes directly to students in need to keep them, their ideas, and their future contributions a part of the Case Western Reserve University community.

3 Ways to Give

Shared Scholarship Fund

Any amount can be given to the Shared Scholarship Fund. All of these dollars will jointly go toward providing tuition relief for incoming students the following academic year.

Partial & Full Term Scholarships

Make an immediate impact with a named commitment from $25,000-$200,000 that will cover part or all of an undergraduate’s tuition for four years.

Endowed Scholarship Fund

A gift of $1,000,000 or more permanently endows a scholarship fund that will support one student in your name per year in perpetuity.

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We chose to give a scholarship because we wanted someone else to have the same positive experience that we did.

This was not just any gift; we knew that we would be supporting a specific student. It's been a great, positive thing.

— Daniel Lease (ADL ‘71)

Case Western Reserve University is


Applications to CWRU

CWRU's admit rate has dropped 50% since 2007.

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83% of CWRU students receive financial assistance.


Average gift assistance per student

25% are Ohio residents, 11% are International Students, 64% US residents outside of Ohio
55% are Male, 45% are Female
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Fund Forward
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