NYSP 365

NYSP programming extends well beyond just the summer sports program. Our office provides a variety of other supports to our community through additional initiatives. Initially conceived as NYSP CARES (Community Action and Relationship Empowerment Solutions), NYSP 365 seeks to build and strengthen positive community relationships through action, understanding, diversity of thought and experience throughout the Greater Cleveland area. NYSP 365 is the extension of the mission of the NYSP summer program. It includes community outreach with a focus on health and wellness, opportunities, peace & prosperity, and educational empowerment (H.O.P.E.). 

NYSP 365 objectives:
  • Provide a vessel for diverse and thought provoking conversations.
  • Promote community health and wellness initiatives.
  • Create a variety of service learning projects to promote positive citizenship and community pride.
  • Celebrate community.

Alternative & Remote Programs

During the pandemic, NYSP offered a remote option called Let's Move and Groove. This virtual experience was created as a fun way for participants, family and friends to engage and challenge others, as well as an opportunity to stay active and engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each video focuses on at least one of the core components of NYSP, such as sports skills, nutrition and art.

Check out the videos and move and groove along with us at your own pace!

Special Projects & Partnerships
  • First Play (a partnership with the NFL & Pro Football Hall of Fame)
  • Reach Out and Touch Initiative (faith-based organization that raises $ to support community financially)
  • North Star Vaccination Initiative (through the Office of the Provost, brought CWRU experts and faith-based leaders in Cleveland together to support vaccine education and address hesitancy)
  • Faith-Based Initiative, Inc. (supporting Jackson, MS after ice storm during the pandemic)
  • Partner with the Urban League of Cleveland
  • Partner with NOBLE National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (specifically focus on work with the youth component)
  • Partner w/OSU in summer
  • Retired NBA Players of Greater Cleveland
  • Greater Cleveland Baptist Ministers Association
  • Mentoring & Outreach
    • Daniel E. Morgan
    • Bolton Elementary
      • After School Partnership with Boys & Girls club
      • Toys for Tots
    • CSA