'More than worth it'

Three people standing together, one person is holding a cake that says Congrats Charlie

First-year CWRU parents get involved from the start

Charlie Apy had his pick of universities as he prepared to graduate high school in 2021, but the North Carolina native had two non-negotiable conditions:  His campus had to be somewhere he could experience a true northern winter, and also be able to study music while exploring STEM fields.

Case Western Reserve was the answer. While majoring in applied mathematics, Charlie also studies percussion through the university’s partnership with the Cleveland Institute of Music. 

Parents Ed and Kathy Apy were initially nervous about Charlie’s move to Northeast Ohio, but their fears quickly dissipated.

“Charlie knew he would find his people there,” Kathy said, “and he did.” 

“He found them within two weeks,” Ed added with a laugh. “Now it’s hard to get him to come home!”

The couple has always taken an active interest in their son’s education. After participating in an academic booster club during Charlie’s high school years, the CWRU Parents Leadership Council immediately appealed. 

Parents involved in the council work closely with the Division of Student Affairs to enhance the student experience while supporting the university philanthropically.

“I really appreciate having the insight of what is going on behind the scenes,” said Kathy. “As parents, the council provides a wonderful opportunity to hear directly from university leadership—that makes it more than worth it.”

The Apys give to Case Western Reserve because they value the education their son is receiving. 

“We love where President [Eric W.] Kaler is leading the university and the vision he has for its future,” continued Kathy. “And Charlie has so many resources available. We’ve encouraged him to visit the Career Center and he’s already talking about plans for graduate school.”