Donating Parking Refunds to Case Western Reserve’s Student Emergency Fund

As many Case Western Reserve faculty and staff members have been working remotely, the university is refunding parking for the months of April (refunded in your April paycheck) and May (refunded in your May paycheck).

Faculty and staff may voluntarily donate some or all of their parking refund to the Student Emergency Fund, which provides almost-immediate financial assistance to students in need; during COVID-19, this fund supports, for example, students who needed to quickly make travel plans to and from campus to gather their belongings.

Please use this form to submit your donation—of any amount—to be deducted via payroll in support of the Student Emergency Fund. If you choose to donate, the refund is deducted from that month's paycheck (e.g. May will be deducted from the May paycheck). Employees who are paid on a semi-monthly basis will have their deduction taken from the last pay period of the month.

Parking Refund Donation

Parking Refund Donation Form

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I hereby authorize a donation to Case Western Reserve University’s Student Emergency Fund, in the amount listed above, to be deducted from my May paycheck.