A human hand and robot hand touch fingers

Human Fusions Institute

We are a multi-disciplinary team of experts that develops cutting-edge, socially responsible technologies that enhance the wearer’s experience and capabilities by linking to their neural system. Our transformative, sensory-integrated prosthetics restore the wearer’s sense of touch, enabling individuals living with limb loss to fully sense and grasp delicate objects, like a grandchild’s hand. Our gaming wearables transcend standard audiovisual capabilities, allowing gamers to fully immerse themselves in their virtual world by feeling nuanced physical properties of objects they encounter, such as the hardness of a door or the suppleness of a piece of fruit.

The ability to fully inhabit and interact with the physical and virtual world through HFI technologies has groundbreaking applications across healthcare, education, gaming, and military sectors. Imagine doctors giving comfort to an isolated patient through a gentle touch, examining an patients’ swollen glands, and providing a full spectrum of care despite the distance separating them. Explosive ordnance disposal technicians can manipulate robotic arms to feel the delicate tension in wires while remaining at a safe distance. From the security of an American office, a naval welder can balance sight, sound, and touch to complete highly-skilled welding on ships in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

Our Mission

Our mission is to scale human capability and presence through remote touch. We are building and promoting a culturally diverse, open, transdisciplinary community of researchers, thinkers, students, entrepreneurs, and world leaders

  • To create human-centered, symbiotic relationships between humans and technology.
  • To create transdisciplinary knowledge, science, and technologies.
  • To disseminate discoveries.
  • To form new enterprises built on applications of NeuroReality™.
  • To enhance one’s sense of self, community, and capability beyond the biological barriers.


Human-centered, Socially Responsible Design

Our team brings together world-renowned leaders in the fields of robotics, biomedical engineering, neuroscience, neuroengineering, phenomenology with those from the humanities, sociology, anthropology, and ethics to develop inclusive technology that is attuned to societal concerns, has the potential for greatly improving quality of life, and which can be deployed equitably.


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