Our Vision for NeuroReality™

At the Human Fusions institute at Case Western Reserve University, we’re striving to scale human capability and presence through human-technology symbiosis. The vision of our team of interdisciplinary researchers is to create a thriving, just, and connected world through symbiotic human-technology relations. 

To achieve this, we are building NeuroReality™, a technology platform that allows us to communicate the sense of touch in real-time, over long distances. NeuroReality™ consists of:

  • Neural interfaces to connect with the human peripheral nervous system
  • The NeuroReality™ networking platform to transmit data between humans and edge devices
  • Connection with edge devices 

Building on more than 40 years of neurotechnology success, NeuroReality™ harnesses the power of our sensorimotor systems using direct neural interfaces to pave the way for human-technology connections across time and space. 

And we’ve already begun. On August 24, 2020, we successfully demonstrated the capabilities of NeuroReality™ when a student at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio felt, touched and held a banana 2,300 miles away at the University of California, Los Angeles. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to scale human capability and presence through remote touch. We are building and promoting a culturally diverse, open, transdisciplinary community of researchers, thinkers, students, entrepreneurs, and world leaders,

  • To create human-centered, symbiotic relationships between humans and technology.
  • To create transdisciplinary knowledge, science, and technologies, 
  • To disseminate discoveries.
  • To form new enterprises built on applications of NeuroReality(™) 
  • To enhance one’s sense of self, community, and capability beyond the biological barriers.


The Human Fusions institute embodies a transdisciplinary approach to developing symbiotic human-technology relationships through NeuroReality™. We create an environment that inspires every person to a self-actualized pursuit of their passion in harmony with our overall mission. We believe that technology should:

  • Advance human social community
  • Improve human health
  • Expand human performance and capability
  • Extend human reach
  • Be equitable across all socioeconomic citizenry
  • Break down divisions so that everyone can fully benefit from technological advancements