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One of the primary goals of Human Fusions is to actively license their cutting-edge technology to exciting new companies. By pursuing this objective, Human Fusions aims to catalyze innovation, foster collaboration, and drive technological advancements in various industries.


A text logo for the company Afference

Afference's goal is to enable the sense of touch in digital worlds through wearable neural interfaces.

Afference creates tactile sensations during digital interactions with an unobtrusive wearable device.

*Update November 21. 2023: Afference is awarded the CES 2024 Innovation Award Product: Best of Innovation | XR Technologies & Accessories


To learn more about Afference please visit their website:


Logo for the company Barologics

Developer of a blood pressure-controlling medical device designed to improve the lives of patients by providing a safe and effective alternative to traditional medications. The company’s platform offers a comprehensive suite of closed-loop stimulation devices that are designed to regulate blood pressure through the carotid sinus nerve, enabling customers to manage their hypertension in an effective manner and improve their overall health and well-being.