Human hand touching a computer robotics hand

Case Western Reserve University is known for its mission to think beyond the possible. At the Human Fusions Institute, our interdisciplinary team of experts does just that. 

Here, we’re connecting humans with technology through NeuroReality™, our networking platform that communicates the sense of touch via neural interfaces and edge devices in real time—over long distances. Specifically, our neural interface connects with a person’s peripheral nervous system to bidirectionally transmit sensory information, supporting our vision to scale human capability and presence beyond the boundaries of the physical world.

Whether we’re working to improve equity and safety in healthcare, revolutionizing how industries and militaries function, or enhancing the ways in which individuals learn, socialize and relax, our team at the Human Fusions institute is committed to advancing technology that is accessible to all. Get to know some of the ways in which our research could revolutionize human-technology relationships while reducing the digital divide. 


Discover how we're working to create a safer, healthier and more accessible world by revolutionizing opportunities in remote care, prosthetic technology, robotic surgery and more. 

Space, Industrial and Military 

See how our team is pioneering new methods to maintain humans’ intellectual presence in difficult working environments while physically removing people from dangerous working conditions.

Education, Social and Gaming

Take a look at how the technological research applications could change how we all learn, socialize, entertain ourselves and train for our careers.