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Featured Videos 2023

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Featured Videos 2022

Drs. Segil, Graczyk, Zingale, and Block organize and host the 2022 IEEE-HAPTICS conference Cross-Cutting Challenges symposium:


Dr. Tyler and a limb loss subject meet with President Biden and Dr. Francis Collins - former Director of NIH, Dr. Alonda Nelson - Director of Office of Science and Technology Policy, Dr. Stephanie Tompkins - Director of DARPA, and Dr. Lisa Cooper - Professor at Johns Hopkins University to discuss and provide input to the newly enacted ARPA-H legislation:

Featured Videos 2021

An introduction to Human Fusions institute at Case Western Reserve University and the platform technology NeuroReality(TM) that enables remote touch over long distances in real time:

Dustin Tyler and Shelly Palmer discuss NeuroReality(TM) at Human Fusions Institute:


This video is a demonstration of one of the first times our subject used the Sensory DEKA hand with implanted EMG electrode for multiple DoF control and sensory feedback. This is part of the DARPA BTO HAPTIX program iSens System: