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  • On Sunday, March 26, the popular CBS program 60 Minutes brought national attention to groundbreaking work led by CWRU researchers Dustin Tyler and Bolu Ajiboye, biomedical engineering pioneers bringing a new sense of touch and hope to amputees and people with spinal cord injuries.

    The featured research by Tyler, director of the Human Fusions Institute, and Ajiboye is part of a cross-institutional partnership with Cleveland VA Medical Center, Cleveland FES Center, MetroHealth and University Hospitals.

    Feel again: Advancements in prosthetics limb technology allow feeling, control
  • HFI Members Dustin Tyler and Pedram Mohseni are selected as part of the 2022 inductees for the National Academy of Innovators. Dr. Tyler is inducted as a Fellow and Dr. Mohseni as a Senior Member. The Induction Ceremonies will be held June 25-27, 2023 in Washington, D.C.
    NAI Welcomes 95 New Emerging Innovators
    NAI Inducts 2022 Fellows Class
    National Academy of Inventors Home Page






  • Society for Neuroscience Social Issues Round Table (October 20, 2019)
  • Link to announcement of funding for pilot development of the infrastructure of the OTHERNet to support human-technology symbiosis?
  • *Link to pilot demonstration of NeuroReality™? 
  • *Link to development of systems to remove the war fighter from danger in the theater? 
  • XPRIZE story 
  • *Link to DARPA Seed Sprint announcement re: including human-in-the-loop control of drone swarms?
  • *Link to announcement re: successful completion of Phase I of development of Intelligent Neural Interfaces and awarding of Phase II grant to continue the work?
  • Completed pre-clinical development, fabrication process development, and verification of a completely implanted, Bluetooth™-connected HFi system;
  • Began formation and development of a ~$30MM proposal for HFi technology to “Bridge the Gap” in spinal cord injury. 




“Enabling amputees to discern light touch to intense pressure” (Oct. 26, 2016)


“Can modern prosthetics actually help reclaim the sense of touch?” (PBS NewsHour, Feb. 13, 2015)


“Restoring the Sense of Touch” (Oct. 8, 2014)

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