CWRU Climate and Health Education Collaborative

Statement of Purpose

Logo image an evergreen tree encased in a blue circle

The CWRU Climate and Health Education Collaborative of northeast Ohio will create and disseminate educational programs and curricula about the health effects of climate change in order to improve health, empower communities and train future health leaders.


Education stands at the center of influence for our specific goals in the areas of Health Impact, Resiliency, Mitigation, Research, Equity, and Advocacy.

Goals of Climate Collaborative

Guiding Principles

  • Foster open networks and partnerships
  • Include a diversity of organizations, groups and individuals as members
  • Address the existing social structures that have led to inequities in the most vulnerable bearing the greatest burden of climate change impacts
  • Design and implement programing based upon the best scientific evidence
  • Integrate research on the effectiveness of Collaborative interventions and disseminate findings in educational programs and peer-reviewed publications
  • Make decisions in a non-hierarchical manner, as peers
  • Be accessible and transparent in terms of structure, and in the creation and sharing of information and resources
  • Learn within and outside of formalized educational spaces, including practical training and advocacy
  • Leverage best practices and implement short- and long-term solutions, at the intersection of community health and climate change

Organizational Participants

  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • MetroHealth
  • University Hospitals
  • Organizational and sustainability consultant support provided by Blue CSR Strategies