Selected Publications

    CD40, autophagy and host protection

  • Portillo J-A C, L Muniz Feliciano, Y Lopez Corcino, SJ Lee, J Van Grol, SJ Parsons, WP Schiemann, CS Subauste. 2017. Toxoplasma gondii induces FAK-Src-STAT3 signaling during infection of host cells that prevents targeting by autophagy. PLoS Pathogens. 13(10):e1006671
  • Liu, E, Y Lopez Corcino Y, Portillo, J-AC, Miao Y, CS Subauste. 2016. Identification of signaling pathways by which CD40 stimulates autophagy and anti-microbial activity against Toxoplasma gondii in macrophages. Infect. Immun. 84:2616-2626.
  • Liu, E., J. Van Grol and C.S. Subauste. 2015. Atg5 but not Atg7 in dendritic cells enhances IL-2 and IFN-g production by Toxoplasma gondii-reactive CD4+ T cells. Microb Infect. 17:275-284
  • Subauste, C.S. 2015. Host factors that recruit autophagy as defense against Toxoplasma gondii. In Autophagy, infection and the immune response. M. Swanson and W. Jackson editors. Wiley-Blackwell, Hoboken, NJ. 219-232.
  • Muniz-Feliciano, L. J. Van Grol, J-A.C. Portillo, L. Liew, B. Liu, C.R. Carlin, V.B. Carruthers, S. Matthews, C.S. Subauste. 2013. Toxoplasma gondii-induced activation of EGFR prevents autophagy protein-mediated killing of the parasite. PLoS Pathogens. e1003809. PMC3868508
  • Ogolla, P.S., J-A.C. Portillo, C.L. White, K. Patel, B. Lamb, G.C. Sen, C.S. Subauste. 2013. The Protein Kinase Double-stranded RNA-dependent (PKR) enhances protection against disease cause by a non-viral pathogen. PLoS Pathogens. e1003557. PMC3749959
  • Van Grol, L. Muniz-Feliciano, J-A. C Portillo, V.L. Bonilha, C.S. Subauste. 2013. CD40 induces anti-Toxoplasma gondii activity in non-hematopoietic cells dependent on autophagy proteins. Infect. Immun.  81:2002-2011. PMC3676008
  • Subauste, C.S. 2012. Animal Models: Toxoplasma gondii. Current Protocols in Immunology. Chapter19: Unit 19.3. 1-23.
  • Portillo, J.A., G. Okenka, E. Reed, A. Subauste, J. Van Grol, K. Gentil, M. Komatsu, K. Tanaka, G. Landreth, B. Levine, C.S. Subauste. 2010. The CD40-autophagy pathway is needed for host protection despite IFN-g-dependent immunity and CD40 induces autophagy via control of p21 levels. PLoS One. 314472. PMC3013095
  • Andrade, R.M., M. Wessendarp. M.J. Gubbels, B. Striepen, C.S. Subauste. 2006. CD40 induces macrophage anti-Toxoplasma gondii activity by triggering autophagy-dependent fusion of pathogen-containing vacuoles and lysosomes. J. Clin. Invest. 116:2366-2377. PMC1555650

  • CD40 and inflammatory disorders

  • Portillo JAC, Y Lopez Corcino, Y Miao, J Tang, N Sheibani, TS Kern, GR Dubyak, CS Subauste. 2017. CD40 in retinal Müller cells induces P2X7-dependent cytokine expression in macrophages/microglia in diabetic mice and development of early experimental diabetic retinopathy. Diabetes. 66:483-493. PMC5248988. See Editorial: Diabetes 66: 261-262.
  • Portillo JC, Lopez Corcino Y, Dubyak GR, Kern TS, Matsuyama S, CS Subauste. 2016. Ligation of CD40 in Human Müller Cells induces P2X7 receptor-dependent death of retinal endothelial cells. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 57:6278-6286. PMC5119488.
  • Greene, JA, JAC Portillo, Y Lopez Corcino, CS Subauste. 2015. CD40-TRAF signaling upregulates CX3CL1 and TNF-a in human aortic endothelial cells but not in retinal endothelial cells.  PLoS One. 10(12):e0144133. PMC4692437.
  • Portillo, J-A.C. J.A. Greene, Schwartz, I. M.C. Subauste, C.S. Subauste. 2015. Blockade of CD40-TRAF2,3 or CD40-TRAF6 is sufficient to inhibit pro-inflammatory responses in non-hematopoietic cells. Immunology. 144:21-31. PMC4264907
  • Portillo, J-A.C. I. Schwartz, S. Zarini, R. Bapputty, T.S. Kern, R.A. Gubitosi-Klug, R.C. Murphy, M.C. Subauste, C.S. Subauste. 2014. Pro-inflammatory responses induced by CD40 in retinal endothelial and Muller cells are inhibited by blocking CD40-TRAF2,3 or CD40-TRAF6 signaling. Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. 55:8590-8597. PMC4280881
  • Portillo, J-A.C., J.A. Greene, G. Okenka, Y. Miao, N. Sheibani, T.S. Kern and C.S. Subauste. 2014. CD40 promotes the development of early diabetic retinopathy in mice. Diabetologia. 57:2222-2231. PMC4291184
  • Portillo, J.A., Muniz Feliciano, G. Okenka, L., F. Heinzel, M.C. Subauste and C.S. Subauste. 2012. CD40 and TNF-a cooperate to upregulate inducible nitric oxide synthase in macrophages. Immunology. 135: 140-150. PMC3277716
  • Portillo, J-A., J. Van Grol, L. Zheng, G. Okenka, K. Daehnel, A. Garland, T.S. Kern, C.S. Subauste. 2008. CD40 mediates retinal inflammation and neuro-vascular degeneration. J. Immunol. 181:8719-8726.
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