Students in a lab setting

The Biomedical Science Training Program

The Biomedical Sciences Training Program (BSTP) is an umbrella program that offers a common entry point to most of our biomedical PhD programs. The program identifies accomplished, creative young scientists, to work with our more than 200 dynamic faculty researchers in a wide range of research areas. Our faculty value their interactive relationships with students and view mentoring young scientists as an important part of the mission of the School of Medicine. If you have any questions about the program, please email us at

Program Details

The Biomedical Sciences Training Program is an interdisciplinary PhD umbrella program designed for student success. Every student is given the chance to explore our eleven different biomedical science PhD programs and choose the department that best suits their interests.


The BSTP program begins in July every year, where you begin your time in a research rotation before classes begin. You'll complete at least three rotations, learn new techniques and get to know the faculty. During the lab rotations, you will attend journal clubs, research seminars, and lab meetings.

Graduation Requirements

Students will complete the following to graduate from the BSTP with one of our 11 PhD disciplines: An original thesis; completing coursework; passing examinations; writing scientific journal articles as first author and seeing them published; participating in seminars, journal clubs; and program retreats and activities.