Fee Waiver Policy

CWRU’s Mission

We are a comprehensive research university that strives to have an even greater impact—from books and publications, to the classroom, to patient care and disease breakthroughs, to product development and beyond.

We aspire to be a campus community without barriers and silos among faculty, staff and students. We seek to build a holistic local and global community that aspires to exchange ideas among all of its people, and in every sense. We must support one another and talk about difficult things. We must be intentional. We must serve as an anchor institution to our surrounding neighborhoods and region, and be a congealing place in University Circle and in Cleveland.

BSTP’s Mission

In the Biomedical Science Training Program, we strive to embrace CWRU's culture of inclusivity and greater community impact. 
All domestic applicants (US citizens or permanent residents) as well as all CWRU alumni / current students are eligible to apply free of charge (CWRU international alumni must email bstp@case.edu for a fee waiver). 
Due to the large number of international applications we receive, we are unable to grant application fee waivers to international students.