Specific Requirements of the Department of Anatomy for Master of Science Degree

(Plan A and Plan B)

The requirements for the Master of Science degree in Anatomy exceed the requirements of the School of Graduate Studies. The Department of Anatomy requires 30 credit hours of study and a minimum 3.0 grade point average. The required courses of the Anatomical Sciences Core Curriculum represent 19 credit hours. A minimum of one Surgical Anatomy course (4 credits) elective is required of medical students seeking the joint MD/MS degree. A thesis-based Master of Science degree (Plan A) requires a minimum of 6 credit hours of ANAT 651: Thesis: Master of Science as part of the elective coursework.

All degree requirements must be completed within five years; most students complete the program in two years. Tuition (30 credits) is distributed over the five semesters that post-baccalaureate MS students typically are enrolled (no additional tuition is required for enrolled medical students); stipends are not provided for the Master of Science program. The university Office of Financial Aid coordinates all financial assistance.

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