Faculty in the Department of Anatomy have extensive experience training medical, dental, and physician assistant students in the anatomical sciences (human anatomy and embryology, neuroanatomy and histology).  Our award-winning faculty are leading the development and implementation of the augmented reality HoloAnatomy program that is changing the way our students are learning human anatomy. 

A stethoscope sitting on a stack of books.
Medical Education

There are numerous opportunities through the School of Medicine for medical education, such as the Holoanatomy program, reviewing the WR2 Curriculum, and more.

Anatomy Class
MS in Applied Anatomy

The MS in Applied Anatomy program provides a comprehensive education in anatomical sciences, emphasizing hands-on experiences, research, and teaching, covering macro- and microscopic aspects of human body structure and development through various approaches.


Image of human bone structure.
Minor in Anatomy

The minor in Anatomy offers expertise in human body structure, ideal for healthcare careers or research/education in morphology-based fields, combining traditional methods like cadaveric dissection with innovative technologies.