Breakout 4: Residents as Teachers and Learners

TITLE: Effective Modalities of Teaching Quality Improvement for Pediatric Residents
Authors: Eashwar Somasundaram, BS; Amanda Lansell, MD
Lead Presenter: Eashwar Somasundaram, BS

TITLE: Enhanced Team Based Learning Facilitation Utilizing Residents
Authors: Wei Xiong, MD; David Friel, PhD; Andrew Crofton, PhD; Steve Jones, PhD; Krishan Chandler, MD; Maureen McEnery, PhD
Lead Presenter: Wei Xiong, MD

TITLE: GeneFix Fridays: Implementing a Weekly, Web-based Curriculum to Educate Pediatric Residents about Genetics and Genome Sciences
Author: Lauren Pronman, DO
Lead Presenter: Lauren Pronman, DO

TITLE: Implementation of Medical Education Handbook to Enhance Comfortability and Efficiency during First Year of Pediatric Residency
Authors: Darla Fink, MD; Saloni Sheth, MD; Jessica Goldstein, MD
Lead Presenter: Darla Fink, MD

TITLE: Improving Clinical Feedback in the Rainbow Pediatric Residency Program
Author: Naba Alibeji, MD
Lead Presenter: Naba Alibeji, MD

TITLE: Online Educational Modules Enhance Resident Education and Patient Care
Author: Lauren Donatelli-Seyler, DO, FACOS, FACS
Lead Presenter: Lauren Donatelli-Seyler, DO, FACOS, FACS

TITLE: Standardized Pediatric Cardiology Resident Curriculum: An Alternative Online Platform Approach
Authors: Adrija Chaturvedi; James Strainic, MD; Carolyn M. Wilhelm, MD
Lead Presenter: Adrija Chaturvedi