2021 Annual Meeting

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This virtual symposium featured leaders in clinical sciences working toward improving brain health. Lecture videos will be posted here for those who were unable to join us in real time. To join our mailing list, please contact cbhi@case.edu



image of Dr. Standaert in his white coat

David Standaert M.D., Ph.D.,  John N. Whitaker Professor and Chair Neurology University of Alabama, Birmingham



image of Dr. Shaikh in his white coat

Aasef Shaikh M.D., Ph.D., Associate  Professor Neurology, CWRU School of Medicine, and Louis Stokes Cleveland VAMC, and Weinberg Chair in Brian Health University Hospitals Cleveland


Image of Cathy Schwartz smiling

Cathe Schwartz M.P.A., CEO of InMotion



Image of Dr. Pieper smiling

Andrew Pieper M.D., PhD, Professor Psychiatry, CWRU School of Medicine, University Hospitals Cleveland, and Louis Stokes Cleveland VAMC, Director of Neurotherapeutic Discovery, Harrington Discovery Institute



Image of Dr. Walsh at a microscope

Christopher A. Walsh M.D., Ph.D., Bullard Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology Harvard Medical School, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute





CBHI Annual Meeting Agenda


Time Event
8:40 AM

Welcome Lin Mei M.D., Ph.D.,

Professor and Chair, Neurosciences

8:50 AM Welcome Interim Dean Stanton Gerson M.D.
9:00 AM Speaker Introduction Lin Mei M.D., Ph.D.
9:05 AM

Neurodegeneration Lecture, David Standaert M.D., Ph.D.

“Innate and adaptive immunity in Parkinson Disease”

9:55 AM Questions
10:00 AM

Speaker Introduction Ignacio Mata Ph.D.,

Assistant Staff, Genomic Medicine, Lerner Research Institute

10:02 AM

Aasef Shaikh M.D. Ph.D. and Cathe Schwartz M.P.A.

"Academia and community - in motion together for better Parkinson care"

10:25 AM Questions
10:30 AM

Speaker Introduction Eleni Markakis Ph.D.,

Assistant Director for Scientific Programs, CBHI

10:32 AM

Andrew Pieper M.D., Ph.D.

"Discovery and application of a neuroprotective molecule in brain injury and disease"

10:55 AM Questions
11:00 AM

Speaker Introduction Anthony Wynshaw-Boris M.D., Ph.D.,

Professor and Chair, Genetics

11:05 AM

Story Landis LectureChristopher A. Walsh M.D., Ph.D., 

“Somatic mutation and genomic diversity in human brain in development, aging, and disease”

11:55 AM Questions

The meeting ended at noon.