About Us


CBHI has the goal of engaging scientists and physician scientists across departments in each of our member institutions, to develop collaborative, impactful research that will lead to improved brain health for the residents of northeast Ohio and beyond. Our members include faculty from:

CBHI has three mandates:

  • Scientific Programs
  • Education
  • Outreach

Scientific Programs, like our study groups, are meant to foster novel collaborations leading to new knowledge that will impact upon lifespan brain health and the treatment of disease. Our Education mandate disseminates knowledge to undergraduate, graduate and medical students, and postdoctoral fellows representing the next generation of brain health physicians and scientists. Our Community Outreach efforts aim to make our scientific discoveries accessible and understandable to our community in such a way as to improve lifespan brain health for all.


CBHI receives guidance at the strategic level from its Advisory Boards that meet annually, and monthly input on implementation from the Executive Committee that helps to keep us true to our Mission.

The CBHI Advisory Boards and Executive Committee are comprised of leaders in their fields and on our campuses.

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Annual Retreat

Our first retreat in August, 2018 focused on the central theme of Improving Lifespan Brain Health for the residents of northeast Ohio, and beyond. All of us work toward that goal every day - at this meeting for a few hours, we all worked on it together. We hope that the retreat will help to spark new collaborations and produce a community of colleagues across institutions in Cleveland.

Please browse the abstracts for poster presentations at the Retreat. They represent some of the important research ongoing at our institutions.

The 2019 Retreat took place on 26 August at the Tinkham Veale University Center.

Translational Neuroscience Lecture Series

CBHI has launched a new lecture series aimed at bridging the basic and clinical neuroscience divide.  

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Study Groups

It all started with our first CBHI Study Group, Development.

Learn more about our CBHI and Investigator-Initiated groups, and join us if you can.


CBHI works with community partners that care about improving lifespan brain health for all of us.