Study Groups

Two women attending Study Group at CBHI conference
Dr. Markakis leading Study Group

CBHI has six areas of focus, and one scientist-initiated group. Currently, members of each group can interact via a Google Group, and virtually at the Annual Meeting. 

Our first Study Group, appropriately enough, was the Development Study Group. Development began meeting monthly in November 2018.  Therapeutic Interventions is accessible online. Neuroimmunology began meeting in January, 2019, and the Neurodegeneration group, that began as the Alzheimer's disease Study Group began meeting in April, 2019. 

Because in-person meetings are not feasible at this time, CBHI now hosts one merged, virtual Study Group meeting monthly.

To attend, make sure you are on our mailing list. Our scheduled Study Groups for Spring Semester 2021 are focused on collaborative brain health research. Our scheduled speakers are shown below.


24 FEB 2021

11:00 AM

Alexander Miron PhD

Simone Edelheit MFS

The CWRU Genomics Core

24 March 2021

12:00 PM

John Gunstad PhD
Speech analysis and digital biomarkers
for Alzheimer's disease

28 April 2021

12:00 PM

Angela Ciccia PhD

Jessica Salley Ricardi

Libby Crook

School transition after TBI in children 

26 May 2021

12:00 PM

Justin Lathia PhD

Let’s talk about sex... in brain tumors 

30 June 2021

12:00 PM

Sophia Sundararajan MD PhD

Ken Uchino MD

David Haney

STROKENET Regional Coordinating