Study Groups

Two women attending Study Group at CBHI conference
Dr. Markakis leading Study Group

We have six areas of focus, or Study Groups, within CBHI, and we are developing scientist initiated groups as well. 

Investigator Initiated Group


Our Study Groups are meant to serve as a meeting point for faculty with common interests, as well as a resource for those whose work is leading them to a new discipline. Every CBHI member is welcome to every function in every group. Our goal is not to pixellate the image of Brain Health, but to provide a set of lenses through which scientists and physician-scientists with overlapping interest can process that image.

Our first Study Group, appropriately enough, was the Development Study Group. Development began meeting monthly in November 2018.  Therapeutic Interventions is accessible online. Neuroimmunology began meeting in January, 2019, and the Neurodegeneration group, that began as the Alzheimer's disease Study Group began meeting in April, 2019.