Midwest DDRCC Alliance

The Midwest Digestive Disease Research Core Center (DDRCC) Alliance was established in 2012 to bring together five institutions in close proximity to catalyze digestive disease research by sharing resources and fostering collaboration among center investigators. The five centers include:

The development of the Midwest DDRCC Alliance has enabled regular interaction among Center leaders and investigators, with annual meetings scheduled as a scientific symposium and in conjunction with the annual DDRCC Directors’ meeting with NIDDK Leaders. The annual scientific symposium rotates among the Centers, with a major focus on providing a forum for Pilot and Feasibility Awardees to present their research data with the goals to:

  1. Receive prompt feedback and suggestions on scientific rigor, relevance, experimental approach, and career development from Center PIs
  2. Share information on new technologies and Core services
  3. Explore new collaborations