Research Focus Area

The Cleveland Digestive Diseases Research Core Center has two thematic areas of scientific focus:
Digestive Inflammation

Our Center supports a research base of over 20 investigators with active research programs in digestive inflammation and tumorigenesis of the esophagus and colon. General areas of investigation include:

  • Innate immune mechanisms of experimental inflammatory bowel disease
  • Genetic determinants of familial Barrett’s esophagus and esophageal cancer
  • Cytokine-driven inflammation and colon cancer tumorigenesis
  • Role of the gut microbiome in intestinal inflammation, Crohn’s disease, and multiple inflammatory diseases beyond the gastrointestinal system
  • Development of novel targeted immunotherapies and biomarkers for colon cancer
  • The effects of HIV and drug use on gut integrity and oral inflammation
Liver Disease/Metabolism

Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic are home to top programs in liver disease and metabolism. Our Center's research base includes a highly collaborative group of over 15 investigators actively working within these areas on projects related to:

  • Hyperammonemia and sarcopenia in cirrhosis
  • Role of adipose in alcohol-induced liver injury
  • Development of novel anti-obesity therapies
  • Inflammatory mediators as novel targeted therapies for adult liver disease
  • Probiotics and alcoholic liver disease
  • 3D liver imaging technologies
  • Skeletal muscle lipid metabolism
  • Mechanisms of malnutrition in cirrhosis
  • Gut integrity after HIV therapy with metabolic complications
  • Mechanisms of metabolic reprogramming by oncogenic mutations