Histology/Imaging Core

Image of glass microscope slides in a slide holder with a blue bottom and creme colored sides with various markings on them written in black marker including the number 4

The Histology/Imaging Core provides high-quality, cost-effective and time-efficient histological and imaging analysis of human and animal tissues of digestive inflammatory and metabolic diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease, hepatitis, metabolic syndromes and obesity. These conditions affect millions of individuals in the U.S., and by facilitating their study, we can increase the chance of uncovering key pathogenic mechanisms and developing new therapeutic approaches.

The core can provide basic, high-quality histologic and immunohistochemistry (IHC)/immunofluorescence (IF) services in a cost-effective and timely fashion. We can also provide initial service, consultation and subsequent training for special IHC staining in gastrointestinal (GI) and liver tissues and provide consistent and validated histological scoring of GI and liver inflammation for preclinical and clinical studies. Furthermore, we can provide publication-ready photo documentation of acquired histological, IHC, and/or IF­ stained images and provide access to an animal tissue repository of histological blocks and slides of various models of Gl and liver inflammatory and metabolic disease.

Individuals using this core will have access to cutting-edge technologies for in vivo small animal imaging through a Small Animal Imaging SubCore to precisely address the extent, severity and occurrence of lesions in animal models of gastrointestinal and liver inflammation and metabolism. The Histology/Imaging Core also offers consultation and training in all aspects of Gl-related morphology and imaging techniques.