Task Trainers

Task trainers are specialized simulators or lifelike models of human anatomy designed to help learners practice a specific skill. These devices are designed to teach competency based and procedural skills such as airway management, NG tube placement, lumbar puncture, and IV procedures.

Task Trainers are designed to break down a specific physical task into simple action steps and information. Task trainers allow for repeated practice of a specific skill; building confidence and expertise for real-life applications.

Non-anatomical trainers use other means to teach physiological concepts. For example, the Ventriloscope is a simulated stethoscope that is used to teach pulmonary and cardiac auscultation by playing recorded physiological sounds.

Task trainers may also be used in combination with standardized patients, for what is called a hybrid simulation; which allows learners to practice a skill while at the same time practicing effective communication with a patient.

Benefits of Task Trainers:

  • Repetition of a specific physical task allows the learner to develop both confidence and proficiency.
  • Learners can practice invasive procedures without the risk of injury to a patient.
  • The learner can make mistakes SAFELY

The center has a wide variety of Task Trainers available to assist you with your training objectives.

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