Virtual Simulators

Computer-based Surgical Simulators offer a real-life visual and tactile simulation of various surgical procedures. With surgical simulators, visual components are reproduced by computer graphics while touch-based components are replicated by haptic feedback that responds to the user's actions. This allows the novice, advanced learner, and practicing surgeon to develop or refine cognitive, decision-making, and surgical skills.

Surgical Simulation or virtual surgery refers to a virtual reality simulation of surgical procedures. Surgical Simulation allows the learner to practice basic to complex surgical skills and procedures on a virtual patient, therefore providing a safe risk-free learning environment.

Benefits of Surgical Simulation:

  • Provides high fidelity procedure simulation for learners to experience a variety of laparoscopic or endovascular procedures in a safe environment.
  • Learners can practice surgical procedures multiple times on a virtual patient building skills, competency and proficiency.
  • Computer-based surgical simulation provides an objective evaluation of a learner's dexterity combined with a more intensive training activity to teach and perform the necessary skills.

Our center has both haptic and non-haptic surgical simulators with several available practice modules. Contact us for more detail regarding our surgical simulation technology.

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