Application Year: 2024-2025

Applicants will be considered for an interview once their application is complete. We receive nearly 9,000 applications annually and conduct around 1,100 interviews across our three programs. The number of outstanding candidates will exceed the number of individuals who can be accommodated in our interviewing schedule. Therefore, the granting of interviews remains at the discretion of the Admissions Committee.

We will continue to be conducting virtual interviews for all of our MD programs for the 24-25 application cycle.  A personal interview is an essential component of our candidate selection process and we intend to continue with this practice. 

Over the last four years, we have all become more accustomed to working in the virtual space and we have continued to hone our interview process on Zoom. All interviewers, including medical student interviewers, receive additional training in conducting online interviews, and are required to also complete implicit bias training.  

Virtual interviews are conducted via Zoom. Please note that if you are invited for an interview you will need access to:

  • Computer or other device that can support Zoom video conferencing; this device should have a microphone (headsets generally have better sound) and camera.
  • Strong & reliable internet connection.
  • A quiet location that has limited distractions. 

We understand that these requirements may pose a challenge for some applicants, and are ready to work with you on alternate arrangements should this be the case. Again, further information will be provided in the interview invitation.

The University Program interviews on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and the College Program interviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you are offered an interview you will be notified via email and instructions will be provided for selecting your interview date. The interview day will consist of a full agenda of information sessions and interviews; this will include a meeting with the Dean and/or Director of Admissions, Curricular and Financial Aid information sessions, “lunch/brunch” with current students, and a virtual tour of the Health Education Campus. We are also planning additional opportunities for interactions with current students. 

For the University Program, you will have one interview with a health education professional (HEP), which includes faculty and members of the medical education team, and one with a current medical student. The College Program incorporates two interviews with faculty members and one with a current medical student. 

After the Interview

Shortly after your interview day the Admissions Committee will meet to discuss your candidacy for acceptance to our School. We will vote for one of three outcomes; immediate acceptance, alternate list, or deny acceptance. You will be notified of a decision electronically within a month after the Admissions Committee meeting.

The University Program utilizes a rolling admissions process and accepts applicants throughout the year. The College Program admits on a non-rolling basis, notifying applicants at two points during the cycle. The Admissions Committee very judiciously accepts applicants throughout the interview cycle to ensure equal opportunity for those interviewing later in the season.

Once interview season ends and positions become available in the entering class, we offer acceptance to students on the alternate list on an individual basis. Since many students who eventually matriculate are accepted from the alternate list, this should not be construed as an unfavorable decision by the Admissions Committee.

Campus Visit Opportunities

Our programs will be hosting opportunities for accepted applicants to visit campus in the spring of 2025.  Accepted applicants will be notified as to the details of on-campus visit opportunities as they become available.