With exception of a few special programs (Pre-Professional Scholars Program and the WUSTL Post-bac Linkage Program), all applicants are required to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Applicants may submit an AMCAS application without an MCAT score, however an invitation to our secondary application will not be sent unless a minimum score of 495 is achieved and an application will not be considered complete and ready for review until an MCAT score has posted.

The latest MCAT administration that will be accepted for the 2023-2024 application year will be September 9, 2023. The Office of Admissions does not accept MCAT scores more than three years old and the oldest MCAT score that will be accepted for the 2023-2024 application year is January, 2020.

We will not be accepting MCAT scores administered in January 2024 for the 2023-2024 application cycle. 

Please visit AAMC's MCAT site for additional information regarding the changes, new course requirements, preview guides, and how to best prepare for the test.


Applicants to CWRU must have the following minimum MCAT score: At least a 495

To receive a secondary application, an applicant must have a minimum MCAT score of at least 495. 

MCAT Information and AMCAS:

  • If you submit your AMCAS application before an MCAT score has been reported, you must indicate any future dates when you intend to take the MCAT in the AMCAS application. We will not send you an invitation to our secondary application until the MCAT score is received and it meets our minimum threshold score of 495.
  • If there is any change to your MCAT date (i.e. changing your "Addl MCAT Intent Date" to a future date or removing it), you must recertify and resubmit your AMCAS application in order for this change to become an official update. Simply saving the change and exiting the application is not sufficient.
  • If you indicated on your AMCAS application that you were going to take an MCAT exam on a particular date but decide not to take it AND your current score meets the 495 requirement, notify our office by email,, so that we can complete your application for review.
  • If you indicated that you were not going to retake the MCAT exam on your AMCAS application but changed your mind and will take the exam again, you must notify our office by mid-August by email, so that we can hold your application for review until we receive the new score.


For the entering class of 2022 our MCAT metrics were as follows:

  • n = 205
  • Average:  518 (96%) 
  • Median:    518  (96%)
  • Mode:      519
  • Range:    502-527
  • National Average for 2022 matriculants = 511.9 (80-83%)

It is not uncommon for successful applicants to our school to have taken the MCAT more than once. However, barring any unique situations, more than two or three attempts at the MCAT are generally viewed less favorably by our admissions committee.  

While we do look at the scores of any previous attempts, we generally consider the most recent score in the evaluation of the application.

MCAT scores are valid for three years prior to matriculation year. January 2020 is the last year considered for applicants applying in 2023 for matriculation in 2024.

When you feel most prepared. All students learn differently and therefore, we encourage students to prepare for the MCAT in the way that suits them best. Some students prefer self-study while others take prep courses. We endorse only the method that works best for you.

No. That testing date is simply too late in our admissions process.