A Note from Our Director, Dr. Alex Huang

Welcome! I am proud to represent our MSTP, which provides an outstanding opportunity for students to obtain combined MD-PhD training and launch careers as physician-scientists. This page highlights a few key aspects of our program. For more information, please see our Mission, Approach and Values Statement and other parts of this website.

Track Record

CWRU has offered MD-PhD training since 1956 for students aspiring to dual careers in medicine and biomedical research – this is the oldest MD-PhD program and was one of the early programs to receive a Medical Scientist Training Program NIH training grant (continuously funded for 50 years). We have two Nobel prize laureates (Alfred Gilman and Ferid Murad) and many other very distinguished scientists among our alumni. Thus, we have a long and successful commitment to training of physician-scientists.


The CWRU MSTP integrates research and clinical training with graduate courses and research rotations integrated with medical school in all semesters of the first two years, and clinical training integrated into the PhD phase.


Our students make substantial discoveries in biomedical science and publish multiple papers in scientific journals. Upon graduation, they are highly successful in obtaining their choice of residencies, including some of the most prestigious and competitive. Most of our graduates attain faculty positions in clinical or basic science departments at medical schools or equivalent positions at the NIH or research foundations. Others attain research and leadership positions in biotechnology, pharmaceutical or other biomedical companies.


Our MSTP is student-centered and involves significant student input into program planning and development through MSTP Council, our student governing body. The talent and commitment of our students is a major driving force. At the same time, our faculty are enthusiastically involved and include over 150 scientific mentors. Students and faculty work and learn together as colleagues. We pursue research and clinical training seriously, but at the same time we enjoy the journey and treasure the relationships that spring naturally from student-faculty partnership.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Our program is committed to advancing DEI. Please see our Mission, Approach and Values Statement for more information.


Our program leadership includes:

  • Director: Alex Huang, MD, PhD
  • Associate Directors*: Heather Broihier, PhD; Agata Exner, PhD;  Andrew Pieper, MD, PhD; David Wald, MD, PhD
  • Clinical Associate Director: Kimberly McBennett, MD, PhD
  • Administrative Director: Diane Dowd, PhD

     *The Associate Directors are the primary MSTP advisors for students in all phases of the program.

I invite you to learn more about our program through our website, or you may contact the CWRU MSTP at mstp@case.edu.

Best Wishes,