Student Accomplishments

The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine provides a training environment and ample opportunities to be prolific in the sciences and active in the community.  Here are just a few of our students' recent accomplishments.

Newsworthy mentions

Leadership Roles

  • Bijou Basu, M2 in Genetics & Genomic Sciences, is the co-chair of the Doctors for America Women's Health Workgroup. She participated in the organization's 2020 national conference, moderating the Medical Student Poster Session.

Recent Publications

Conferences and Presentations

  • Willie Miller-Little, G3 in Pathology (ITP), presented his work at the 2019 annual meeting of the International Cytokine and Interferon Society, in Vienna, Austria
  • Michael McHenry, G3 in Epidemiology & Biostatistics, presented his work at Keystone 2019 Keystone Symposia Conference A3: Tuberculosis: Mechanisms, Pathogenesis and Treatment in Banff, Alberta, and at the 2019 American Society for Human Genetics meeting in Houston, Texas

Research Grants

Twenty-four of our current students have been awarded F30 or F31 grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Below is a list of those newly awarded 2021 and 2022.

  • Muta Abiff was awarded an F31 for the "Role of IRF2BP2 in Tumor Immune Evasion"
  • Michaela Cooley was awarded an F30 for "Assessing vascular permeability and nanobubble extravasation with contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging"
  • Raza Haider was awarded an F30 for his proposed studies on "Phosphorylation as a site-specific regulatory mechanism of the liquid-liquid phase separation of TDP-43 low complexity domain"
  • Adam Lauko was awarded an F30 for the "Role of SerpinB3 in Glioblastoma Cancer Stem Cells"
  • Jennings Luu was awarded an F30 from the NIH for “Identification of Novel Phosphodiesterase-modulating Compounds and Characterization of Associated Cytoprotective Pathways in Light-damaged Retina"
  • Jessica Scarborough was awarded an F30 for "Exploiting Convergent Evolution to Design Biomarker Extraction Tools for the Prediction of Therapeutic Response in Cancer"
  • Nicholas Venetos was awarded an F30 for "Coordination of Phase Separation and Transitional Control by the RNA Helicase DDX3X"AKR1a1 as a Regulator of Energy Metabolism and Metabolic Health

Lepow day 2022

Poster Awards

  • Eshan King, Modeling the emergence of therapy resistance with fitness seascapes
  • Kevin Newhall, Macrophages display differential clearance phenotypes of Debaryomyces hansenii, a fungal member of the gut microbiome
  • Joseph Schindler, S-nitrosylation alters RNA-binding domain structure
  • Sabrina Wang, Lipocalin-2 mediates sex differences in glioblastoma

Oral presentation

  • Josie Trichka selected for Lepow Medical Student Research Day oral presentation


Medical School Graduation Awards 2022

MSTP students were well represented this year at the CWRU School of Medicine Graduation Awards Ceremony:

  • William Michael Babinchak received Honors with Distinction in Research and was the recipient of The Robert M. Eiben, MD, Endowment Fund Award
  • Brian Fort received Honors with Distinction in Research
  • Ryan Gimple received Honors with Distinction in Research
  • Zita Hubler received Honors with Distinction in Research and was the recipient of The Martin Wahl Memorial Fund Award
  • Andrew Morton received Honors with Distinction in Research and was the recipient of The Martin Wahl Memorial Fund Award
  • Yorleny Vicioso Mora received Honors with Distinction in Research

Doctoral Excellence Awards 2022

Doctoral Excellence Awards are given for Original Scholarly Work, Significant Contribution to the Field, and Significant Service Contributions.  

  • Kevin Allan received the award from the Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences
  • Jessica Scarborough received the award from the Systems Biology & Bioinformatics

Other Awards 2022

  • Bijou Basu won the 2022 Graduate Student Appreciation Award
  • Yi Fan Chan received the 2022 Three Minute Thesis Competition Award, Veal Institute for Entrepreneurship Third place prize
  • Derek Wong received a Three Minute Thesis Competition Award at CWRU, Science & Human RIghts Coalition Second Place Prize
  • Will Wulftange, G2 has been awarded the Harrington Discovery Institute-MSTP Scholar Award. The award recognizes students early in their career whose research has shown innovation and creativity, and the potential for progressing from scientific discovery to a medical therapy.
  • Walter Zhao, M2 was awarded a Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Research & Education Foundation’s Research Medical Student Grant

PhD Defenses 2022

  • Adam Lauko, " SERPINB3 Drives Cancer Stem Cell Survival in Glioblastoma"
  • Jessica Scarborough, "An evolutionary-inspired approach to the extraction and translation of biomarkers for the prediction of therapeutic response in cancer"
  • Alicia Nicole Vagnozzi, "A Hox5-dependent genetic program shapes respiratory motor output"
  • William Miller-Little,  "Mechanisms of Glucocorticoid Resistance in T Cells"

Match List 2022

Our MSTP students had an incredible year. The key here is not only where they went, but where they wanted to go and whether they had options. First choice was once again the rule rather than the exception. 



Clinical Pathology

Washington University - Barnes Jewish


University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

Emergency Medicine

University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

Internal Medicine

Massachusetts General Hospital

Internal Medicine - PSTP

University of Michigan Medical Center

Internal Medicine - PSTP

Washington Univerisity - Barnes Jewish


Massachusetts General Hospital

Pediatric Neurology

Boston Children's Hospital

Pediatric Neurology

Unviersity of Washington Medical Center

Radiation Oncology

Duke University Medical Center

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