MSTP Frequently Asked Questions

You can also see the MD Admissions Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

General Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, no. The CWRU MSTP is funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health. Because the grants are a type of National Research Service Award, trainees must be citizens or noncitizen nationals of the United States, or have been lawfully admitted for permanent residence (i.e., possess an alien registration receipt card I-151 or I-551).

MSTP applicants apply to Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine through the AMCAS application service. After you've submitted your AMCAS application, you'll receive an email from the School of Medicine Admissions Office telling you how to set up an iApply account and complete your secondary application.

Case Western Reserve University is committed to Equal Opportunity and Diversity. Women, veterans, members of underrepresented minority groups, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

The CWRU MSTP encourages applications from candidates with disabilities. Accommodations for students with disabilities and limitations posed by required technical standards and specific standards are governed by policies of the School of Medicine.

No. You need to complete the CWRU secondary application (submitted through iApply) and submit your letters of recommendation. You must indicate on the secondary application that you are applying to the MSTP.

No. When you receive your secondary application, you will have a chance to indicate that you are applying to the MSTP.

If you indicated MD/PhD on the AMCAS application, and answered those questions on the AMCAS application, you do not need to answer the same questions on the secondary application from iApply. Type "Please see AMCAS MD/PhD essays," and we will review your answers to the AMCAS MD/PhD questions.

If you did not indicate MD/PhD on the AMCAS application but would like to answer those questions on the secondary essays in iApply, or if you wish to provide a modified answer to one or both of the MD/PhD questions, provide your answers on the secondary essays.

All letters of recommendation must be submitted to the AMCAS letters service.

No, this year CASPer™ is not required as part of your application to the MSTP.

For most of our PhD programs, the GRE is no longer required or can be waived for MSTP students. However, if you have taken the GRE we suggest that you submit the scores in the secondary application.

You can check on the status of your application any time by logging in to your CWRU iApply account.

Yes, but they had outstanding research experience.

AP Biology alone does not satisfy the MSTP biology requirement.  We require one semester of college biology courses. However, it is fine if you used AP credits to place out of introductory biology courses as long as you took a semester of advanced biology courses.

Yes, the combination of one semester of calculus and one semester of statistics is acceptable. We also accept two semesters of calculus or two semesters of statistics.

The deadlines are Nov. 1 for the AMCAS application and Dec. 1 for the CWRU secondary application. You may request an extension beyond these deadlines by contacting the MSTP office.

While applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, we highly recommend that you get all of your materials submitted early, before the interview slots have been filled.

Yes, if you indicate on your secondary application that you are applying to both the MSTP and the University Program.

There are 12-15 students in each class from 90-120 interviewed applicants.

Approximately 70% of our graduates achieve a faculty position at a medical school, and 20% do research at the NIH, research foundations, biotech companies or pharmaceutical companies. Our alumni are engaged in cutting-edge basic, translational and clinical research.

Interview Frequently Asked Questions

When our interviews are in-person, the MSTP covers the cost of all lodging, meals, and ground transportation while you're here, but you must pay for your own transportation to and from Cleveland.

Yes. Your interview schedule will include School of Medicine information sessions and the two required School of Medicine interviews: one with an Admissions Committee member (this is a separate committee from the MSTP Steering Committee) and one with a current medical student. The Admissions Committee makes admission decisions based on the evaluations and recommendations from both the committee member interview and the student interview.

A Steering Committee member will review your file and recommend MSTP mentors whose research interests match your own. We also encourage you to look over our mentors list and request interviews with MSTP mentors whose research is of interest to you. Your requests will be included in your interview schedule whenever possible.

Reviewing your own research and being ready to discuss it (not just present a prepared statement about it) is the most important preparation. About a week before the interview, we will e-mail you the particulars about your visit, including your interview schedule.

A review of your interviewers' web pages will give you an idea of questions you can ask them. You should expect to spend part of the interview talking about their research in addition to yours.

The MSTP Steering Committee meets once a month to make admission decisions, and you will be notified of your status as soon as possible after the meeting.