CBHI Scholars

Congratulations to the first round of CBHI Scholars! The following applications and their PIs will be awarded CBHI pilot funding as well as institutional matching funds.

In vivo chronic recording of axonal activity patterns following traumatic brain injury in mice.

Andrew A. Pieper MD PhD      CWRU, UH and VA Psychiatry
Hod Dana PhD                            CCF Neurosciences

Using automated speech analysis to predict cognitive decline and future Alzheimer’s Disease

John Gunstad PhD                    KSU Psychological Sciences
Lindsay Miller Scott PhD        UH Neurology
Rachel Ostrand PhD                 IBM Research

Investigation of metabolic defects in ALS8 (VAPB-P56S mutation) using stem cell and Drosophila models

Helen Miranda PhD                  CWRU Genetics
Heather Broihier PhD              CWRU Neurosciences

Developing potential therapeutic antibody constructs against rapidly progressive Alzheimer’s disease

Brain Appleby MD                    UH Prion Center
Gurkan Bebek PhD                  CWRU Proteomics Center
James Leverenz MD                CCF Neurology
Masaru Miyagi PhD                 CWRU Pharmacology
Jagan Pillai MD PhD                CCF Neurology
Xionglong Wang PhD              CWRU Pathology

Effects of subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation on ocular motor control: unraveling the neural correlates of eye movement abnormalities in Parkinson's disease*

Fatema Ghasia MD                  CCF Cole Eye
Dawn Taylor PhD                     CCF Neurosciences

*Funding for this project was provided to CBHI by InMotion, a community-based organization in Cleveland that provides evidence-based wellness programs to over 1,200 people with Parkinson’s disease. InMotion has designated a portion of the proceeds from its annual Pals in Motion race for PD-focused research projects.