Master of Science in Biotechnology: Pharmacology Track

The Departments of Biochemistry, Neurosciences, and Pharmacology provide an interdisciplinary home for the Master of Science in Biotechnology (MS-Biotech) program.

The MS-Biotech program offers a choice of three specialization tracks:
Biochemistry Track
Neurosciences Track
Pharmacology Track

The Pharmacology Track is designed to introduce you to the principles of pharmacology, including drug absorption, distribution, elimination, metabolism (pharmacokinetics), and drug-receptor theory and mechanism of action (pharmacodynamics), as well as contemporary approaches to drug discovery.

You may decide on your track when you apply to the program or by the end of your first semester in the program.

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What are the deadlines for applying to this program?
You will find deadlines listed at

What are the requirements for applicants to the Biotech MS program?
Applicants must have an undergraduate degree in chemistry or the biological sciences along with a minimum GPA of 3.0. International applicants must meet the Graduate School's standards for proficiency in English. Top candidates will be Zoom interviewed late April to early June as part of the admissions decision process.

What are the tuition fees and funding opportunities for the program?
You will find information about tuition and fees here (under Programs Not Listed Separately):, but approximate figures are:

Tuition: ~$21k per semester
Fees: ~$3k per semester

Unfortunately, no funding opportunities are available

Is there a possibility of an application fee waiver or financial assistance?
We do not waive the application fee and financial assistance is not available

Pharmacology Track Plan of Study


Fall Semester

Course Code (credit) Course Name
BIOC 500 (1) Biotechnology Laboratory: Molecular Biology Basics
BIOC 501 (3) Biochemical and Cellular Techniques for Biotechnology
BIOC 511 (1)

Practice and Professionalism in Biotechnology 

PHRM 511 (1) Pharmacology Seminar Series
PQHS 431 (3) Statistical Methods I


Spring Semester

Course Code (credit) Course Name
PHRM 511 (1) Pharmacology Seminar Series
BIOC 502A (2) Biotechnology Laboratory: Molecular Biology and Biochemical Techniques
Electives (6) Choose from the list below



Fall Semester

Course Code (credit) Course Name
PHRM 409 (3) Principles of Pharmacology
PHRM 528 (3) Contemporary Approaches to Drug Discovery
PHRM 525 (3) Topics in Cell and Molecular Pharmacology


Spring Semester

Course Code (credit) Course Name
PHRM 610 (3) Biotechnology Internship



Course Code (credit) Course Name
BIOC 408 (4) Molecular Biology
BIOC 502B (2) Biotechnology Laboratory: Eukaryotic Molecular and Cellular Biology
BIOC 502C (1) Biotechnology Laboratory: Mass Spectrometry
EMBE 426 (3) Nanomedicine
PHRM 527 (3) Pathways to Personalized Medicine
PHRM 401 (3) Principles of Pharmacology I The Molecular Basis of Therapeutics
PHRM 402 (3) Principles of Pharmacology II: The Physiological Basis of Therapeutics
PHRM 466 (3) Cell Signaling
PHRM 601 Independent Study and Research
PQHS 457 (3) Current Issues in Genetic Epidemiology: Design and Analysis of Sequencing Studies


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