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Degrees designed to meet your goals.

Deciding what to major in as an undergrad? Considering earning a graduate degree to advance your career? At Case Western Reserve University, the academic degrees we offer are as unique as the students who pursue them. Explore our hundreds of top-ranked undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs to determine the next step in your academic journey.

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Aerospace Engineering

Launch your career in aircraft and spacecraft development by gaining a solid background in mathematics, science and engineering.

Applied Data Science

Explore data science with associated approaches to statistical and machine learning and artificial intelligence that will prepare you to excel in the field.

Artificial Intelligence

The future is smart—be part of it by learning AI programming and theory, and choose your specialization to study AI’s role in engineering or cognition.

Biomedical Engineering

Gain knowledge or advance your career in biomedical engineering. Combine medicine and engineering to bring innovative technologies, devices, and therapies to market that save and enhance lives worldwide.

Biomolecular Engineering

Convert molecular-level knowledge of biological phenomena into potentially useful biochemical and chemical products and processes derived from living cells or their components. 

Chemical Engineering

Discover different ways to transform raw materials into useful products and energy through processes that affect engineering—from the atomic level to mega-scale manufacturing.

Civil Engineering

Build your future through classes on the planning, design and construction of everything from transportation systems to land-reclamation projects.

Computer Engineering

You can create the next big thing in tech with the right know-how and hands-on experience to analyze, evaluate, design and implement your idea.

Computer Gaming

Love playing games? Now you can make a career out of it. Get hands-on instruction and learn about every aspect of creating games for global audiences.

Computer Science

Develop new techniques and technologies that will change the world. Here, you can study anything from software engineering to artificial intelligence.

Data Science and Analytics

Big data is the future; discover how you can analyze realms of information to make informed decisions that can change your field—and beyond.

Electrical Engineering

Study signal processing, computation and more in a curriculum that encourages you to combine your talent for design with your problem-solving ability.

Electrochemical Engineering

Focus on the fundamentals of engineering design processes that are widely used and critically important, as well as equipment associated with reactions involving charge transfer.


Turn your math and physics skills into solutions for technical problems with this hands-on curriculum that gives you an extra area of specialization.


Reach your full potential as an engineer at a research university that provides a unique, challenging education in the classroom and beyond.

Engineering and Management

Interested in developing skills in business, technology management, or entrepreneurship? Apply your technical and analytical knowledge with master’s-level management tools in our one-year program.

  • Full-Time

Environmental Engineering

Learn to design, construct and maintain systems and structures in the delivery of clean water, removal of hazardous wastes and mediation of global warming.

Macromolecular Science

Pursue a career in macromolecular science through our cutting-edge programs that prepare you to lead in your field and develop products for a safer and more sustainable environment.

Materials Science and Engineering

Study how the physics and chemistry of matter play into industrial and engineering processes—plus gain hands-on experience in state-of-the-art facilities.

Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

Interested in manufacturing practices, processes and design? Explore production-related areas of engineering fields.

Mechanical Engineering

Master the fundamentals of chemistry, physics and mathematics while learning methods of modern experimental engineering analysis and data acquisition.

Polymer Science and Engineering

Study the development of polymeric materials and the application of structure-property relationships as you prepare for a career or further education.

Systems and Control Engineering

Examine the basic concepts, cross-disciplinary techniques, analytical tools and engineering methods needed to analyze and design complex systems.